The executive director of the Chamber of the Textile and Clothing Industry of El Salvador (Camtex), Patricia Figueroa, assured that 61% of the industrial companies affiliated with the union execute some renewable energy investment project.

"The industries of El Salvador are not alien to the application of sustainability strategies within their production processes," Figueroa reiterated.

The business sector together with the state have made progress in the use of renewable energy. According to the National Energy Council (CNE), in 2022 geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass, photovoltaic and wind energy represented 75.9% of accumulated generation.

To this is added that 70% of the companies represented in Camtex have reduced the use of water, energy, and waste in the last year, and according to the technical manager of the union, Mauricio Rodríguez, the companies have indicators that reflect the improvement of measures.

To promote sustainability, Camtex organized its fourth forum with this approach virtually.