Model Free Zone Regime it is one of the most important sources of economic and social development in El Salvador.

Hen/Stag Free trade zone They constitute one of the most effective regimes for strengthening global competitiveness, job creation, export promotion, technology transfer, and economic and social development of the countries that have implemented this model.

Currently, in our country there are 17 Free Zones, strategically located in 6 of the 14 departments of El Salvador in order to satisfy the diverse needs of qualified and/or bilingual human resources; land, air and sea connectivity; digital connectivity; electric power generation; among others.

Our free zone infrastructure houses more than 200 companies from various sectors among which we can highlight: textiles, clothing, distribution centers, contact centers, BPOs, agribusiness, agriculture, electronics and metal mechanics, providing companies with the necessary services to operate efficiently:

  • Customs office
  • Training center
  • Sewage treatment
  • Fire protection systems
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Exterior lighting
  • Perimeter security
  • Coffee shop
  • Medical clinic
  • Among others.


Connectivity Easy access to the road network that facilitates the transport of cargo, easy access to public and private land transport of passengers for workers and employees.

Easy access to Ports, Airports and Land Borders.

Easy interconnection to basic services: water, electricity and telephone.

Proximity to population centers where the labor necessary to function resides.

appropriate infrastructure of the enclosures where the Free Zone is located; and,

Easy access to shopping centers and local markets for the supply of goods and services provided by suppliers.

The model of the Salvadoran Free Zone it builds on similar patterns that other developing countries have followed to improve their economic prospects.

These models reward the State with enormous benefits such as:

Industrialization boost

Achieve the impulse of industrialization.

attract foreign investment

Attract foreign investment.

Export markets

Create markets for export abroad.

Create jobs

Generate direct, indirect and permanent jobs.

Achieve foreign currency income.

Achieve foreign currency income.