The scheme of Free Zones, Service Parks y APD's (Inward Processing Deposits) they have a constitutional basis and are based on a secondary Law that includes rights and obligations, procedures and a penalty scheme; aligned with the commitments assumed by the country before the World Trade Organization - WTO.

This was the first public policy to promote exports and it was born in 1974, when the export promotion law was approved. Over the course of almost 50 years, there are now highly relevant social and business outcomes and impacts for the economy:

The State created the first Free Trade Zone, now there are 16 more private ones.

It should be noted that the first State-owned San Bartolo Free Zone was created in 1974, which is the oldest in operation.

Currently, there are 17 Free Zones in the country

that include 120 companies, and an industrial ceiling of 1,671 thousand M2; It is also necessary to add 100 more companies that are beneficiaries of the regime but that are located outside of a free zone, under the modality of Asset Improvement Deposits (DPA).

Free Trade Zones, Service Parks and DPA's (Inactive Improvement Warehouses) are the most inclusive activity in female formal employment

Until 2016, more than 70,000 workers formal They are working under the free zone regime, of which 60% are women; which allows it to be located in the first place in the generation of formal jobs.

Free Zones, Service Parks and DPAs have allowed productive diversification with new exporting productive sectors.

The new productive activities developed are in the agro-industrial sector with export of tuna, export of cuttings and vegetables, vehicle harnesses, plastic products, paper and cardboard products, etc. This area continues to have great potential, and progress can be made in pharmaceuticals and technology.

Textile production and garment manufacturing

that are covered by the Regime have diversified and have transitioned towards greater integration under the modality of "complete package" or "full package".

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