6.6 Million Approx.


Territorial expansion:

21,040 km2

Territorial organization:

14 departments and 262 municipalities that are governed by Municipal Councils elected every three years by public vote.

Official coin:

  • US dollar (US$)
  • Bitcoin

Competitive infrastructure:

The modern port, airport and road infrastructure allows companies to carry out their logistics operations efficiently, while modern and advanced telecommunications and electricity markets also guarantee access to quality services and inputs at competitive costs.

Commercial Sea Ports:

Puerto Acajutla and Puerto La Union (Under construction)

Productive labor:

The companies established in the country certify that the Salvadoran workforce is distinguished in the world by its industriousness, efficiency and work ethic.

60% of the labor force is 39 years old or younger, making it a predominantly young and highly productive country.

Geographic location:

The strategic location of El Salvador facilitates access in short times to the main cities of America, both in the north and in the south. It shares the same time zone as the Central United States (CST).

El Salvador is located to the west with the Republic of Guatemala, to the north with the Republic of Honduras, to the East, with the Republics of Honduras and Nicaragua in the waters of the Gulf of Fonseca and to the south with the Pacific Ocean.

Institutions and procedures to establish an investment in El Salvador

National Registration Center, CNR
  1. Company license plate
  2. Registration of legal status
  3. Trademark registration
  4. Registration of guarantees
  5. Trade license
  6. Balance record
  7. Tradename
  8. Foreign Branch Registration
  9. Other procedures related to the CNR

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  1. Tax Identification Number (NIT)
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT) Number
  3. Import registration number

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Social Security (ISSS)
  1. Employer Identification Number (PIN)

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Ministry of Labor
  1. Workplace registration
  2. Registration of the internal rules of the company

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Cloud ERP Implementation
  1. Temporary residence with authorization to work
  2. Multiple Visa
  3. Permanent residence

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Ministry of Economy (National Investment Office)
  1. Foreign Investment Registry

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Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
  1. Fill out the environmental form
  2. Prepare Environmental Impact Study (if applicable)

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