This recognition was obtained by INSAFORP due to its unconditional support in the generation of opportunities through continuous and professional training for the Textile and Clothing industry of El Salvador.

The Salvadoran Institute for Vocational Training (INSAFORP) was recognized by the Chamber of the Textile, Clothing and Free Zones Industry of El Salvador (CAMTEX) giving it the highest award in the industry. Recognition obtained for his unconditional support in the generation of opportunities through continuous and professional training for the Textile and Clothing industry of El Salvador.

"For us, the CAMTEX award is not a formalism or a custom, but a meritorious recognition of a person or an institution that, due to its commitment and support, promotes actions that contribute to the development of the country and in this particular case of the textile, clothing and free zones helping the thousands of workers that make it up”, said Jaime Guevara, First Vice President of the Union.

In previous years, this recognition had been granted to renowned businessmen in the sector and on one occasion, it was given to collaborators in the Textile, Clothing and Free Trade Zones sector of El Salvador.

“I am very proud to accept this award and share with you the effort that has led our institution to position itself as a Latin American benchmark in the education and training of human resources. Together with the Textile and Clothing Sector, we have articulated various actions that have allowed us to design training programs relevant to the needs of the industry and the challenges it faces in the global environment”, mentioned Ricardo Montenegro, president of INSAFORP.

Additionally, Montenegro highlighted that "only from 2015 to date, INSAFORP has trained 7,654 workers in the textile and clothing sector, with an investment of more than US$2 million, offering more than 300 training topics, such as Six Sigma Certification , Applied Physical Ergonomics, Lean Manufacturing program, Textile and Clothing Machinery Mechanics, Training of Clothing Supervisors, Pattern Making, Textile Trends, Techniques in spinning areas, textile dyeing and other processes”.

For almost 20 years, CAMTEX has worked hand in hand with INSAFORP, and being the most important strategic ally for all companies in the textile and clothing sector, because it has been through professional training programs that improvements in processes have been carried out. and savings in their costs and production processes.

“Learning opens doors for you”

Currently, INSAFORP develops a campaign to promote the development of Salvadorans through training.

“Learning opens doors for you” is the phrase that seeks to inspire and motivate companies, workers and the population in search of employment to be trained, taking advantage of the training opportunities offered and financed by INSAFORP.

This campaign is developed with brief testimonials in various multimedia formats that call for action towards personal and professional improvement.

“At INSAFORP, with this type of initiative, we want to motivate employers, workers and people who are looking for a job to take advantage of the courses and programs we offer. In these moments that we live in an increasingly competitive and globalized world, we must train ourselves throughout our lives and INSAFORP facilitates that training for them”, emphasized Ricardo Montenegro.

There are hundreds of courses, programs and technical careers in face-to-face or virtual modality that the institution makes available to Salvadorans to grow and improve, personally and professionally.

The professional training offer is constantly shared through the INSAFORP social networks and on the pages:, and, the latter under the agreement between the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Gloria Kriete Foundation and INSAFORP.

The Salvadoran Institute for Vocational Training (INSAFORP) is the governing body of the Vocational Training System in El Salvador, for the training and qualification of human resources. Since its foundation in 1993 to date, it has trained more than 5.3 million Salvadorans with an investment of $480 million dollars.