The textile and clothing sector of El Salvador presented its highest award to the Salvadoran Institute for Vocational Training (Insaforp), at a gala attended by businessmen from the industry and special guests.

The Salvadoran Institute for Vocational Training (Insaforp) received the CAMTEX 2022 award for its unconditional support for the textile and clothing sector. This is the highest award given by the Chamber of the Textile, Clothing and Free Trade Zones of El Salvador (CAMTEX).

The union highlighted Insaforp as a strategic partner in the generation of opportunities within the industry, through the valuable continuous and professional training that it provides to employees of companies nationwide and to the population in search of employment.

"For us, this award is not a formality or a custom, but a meritorious recognition of an institution that, with its commitment and support, promotes actions that contribute to the growth of the country," said Jaime Guevara, vice president of CAMTEX.

In this sense, he mentioned that they maintain important projects with Insaforp, in order to achieve the technical and professional development of the workers, which helps to increase their capacities and, therefore, their income.

The excellent work of Insaforp promotes competitiveness in thousands of companies located in El Salvador. In this particular case, the textile, clothing and free zone sectors today have more productive and better qualified human talent.

"As CAMTEX, we are proud to present this award to an institution that supports us, accompanies us and believes in the growth potential of our collaborators, strengthening us with training to develop new opportunities in the territory", the vice president pointed out.

For her part, Patricia Figueroa, executive director of CAMTEX, recognized Insaforp's leadership, dedication, vision and motivation for providing international-class teaching, with expert facilitators in their area and in accordance with the demands of the global market.

As part of the training processes that CAMTEX has developed in coordination with Insaforp, there are: Six Sigma Certification, Applied Physical Ergonomics, Lean Manufacturing program, Mechanics of textile and clothing machinery, Training of clothing supervisors, Pattern making and Textile trends; as well as everything related to digital transformation, among others.

“The demands of the big brands towards the textile industry are very high and we are meeting them thanks to the training of our collaborators. All the innovation processes have required training, which we have worked with Insaforp”, explained Figueroa.

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has trained Insaforp, from 2015 to date, with an investment of more than $2 million.

quality training

After receiving the award, Ricardo Montenegro, president of Insaforp, extended his thanks to CAMTEX for distinguishing the effort that has led the institution to position itself as a Latin American benchmark in human resource training.

“For us it is a joy to receive this award and a commitment to all of us who are involved in the Vocational Training System. CAMTEX is an ally to bring training to the entire industry”, stated Montenegro.

At the same time, he highlighted the leadership of the union on a global scale, which works based on two principles: ingenuity and determination, becoming one of the main drivers of local economic growth.

Since 2015, Insaforp has trained 7 employees in the textile and clothing area, with an investment of more than $654 million, offering more than 2 training topics and programs.

Lauro Pesqueira, director of operations for El Salvador of HanesBrands, explained that more than 50% of the training for the personnel of the company he leads are given with the support of Insaforp.

“To give you an idea, from January to September of this year, we have spent more than 13 hours of training together. We are convinced that constant training allows us to offer products of the highest quality and stand out internationally," Pesqueira exemplified.

Currently, the textile and clothing industry generates 38% of the country's total exports and more than 85 direct jobs. The United States is the main destination for exports, with 68.3%. Central America is in second place, with 27.2%; while 4.5% is exported to the rest of the countries.

For almost 20 years, CAMTEX has worked hand in hand with Insaforp as a key ally, through training, contributing to process improvements.