We are the Western Hemisphere's leader in the manufacture of high value-added textile and apparel products, based on an investment in design and technology that allows us to develop innovative knitted products based on cotton and synthetic fibers.

The textile and clothing sector is one of the main engines for the development of El Salvador, with a value chain that has been consolidated and vertically integrated, incorporating all the productive activities of the industry.

The dynamic process of vertical integration of the industry has managed to incorporate all the productive activities of the textile-apparel chain, from the production of fibers, the manufacture and finishing of yarns and fabrics, the design, cutting and preparation of garments and the associated logistics. , also providing countless opportunities to enter new businesses at the top and bottom end of the value chain and related activities.

Our commitment to vertically strengthen the national production chain with the incorporation of world-class companies has made it easier to expand and manage a robust chain of globally recognized suppliers and have made it possible to simplify the cost of handling and transportation of raw materials and the preparation of all type of clothing.

We have a solid base of companies that satisfy the needs of the entire production chain of the textile and clothing sector of leading national, regional and international brands, which cover

  • Spinning mills
  • Fabric manufacturers
  • Garment design
  • Clothing making
  • Manufacturers of elastics and rigid tapes
  • Label makers
  • Laundromats
  • Embroidery and screen printing companies
  • Distribution centers
  • Contact centers / support services

El Salvador is the ninth largest supplier of clothing products to the United States.

El Salvador exports textiles and clothing to more than 50 countries.

Companies in the Textile and Clothing sector.

The rule of origin yarn forwardgranted by the CAFTA-DRallows free access to fabrics and clothing made using yarns or fabrics made in the United States, Central America or the Dominican Republic (Nylon, polyester, microfibers, among other products pay a 32% tariff if imported by the United States from Asia).

El Salvador has one of the most competitive labor costs in Central America, including labor benefits and a high-quality workforce that is distinguished in the region.

We are versatile and provide differentiated solutions to our clients to quickly meet the changing needs of the market, focusing on e-commerce strategies, short runs and fashion, and with a passion for production with corporate social responsibility.

Cotton cluster
It was the first cluster developed in El Salvador and is the one that generates the most employment in the sector. It houses companies with the ability to deliver labeled, packed and packaged garments to the place that customers indicate.

Synthetic cluster
This cluster has invested in the design of fibers, fabrics and other innovative products for making sportswear. As well as in the production of textured nylon and polyester threads, all kinds of narrow ribbons, knitted elastic, mattress tape, printed elastic, Jacquard and knitted tape, flat and knitted laces.

The synthetic cluster clothing companies make all kinds of products and offer value-added services such as pattern development, screen printing, embroidery and sublimation.

El Salvador is the only country that has managed to develop a complete synthetic cluster in the Central American region.


Our aggressive policy of opening new markets, the efforts we have made systematically for more than 20 years to become a world-class textile and clothing sector, our learning curve, the adoption of international codes of conduct and standards of world-renowned quality, has allowed us to become one of the most popular destinations for the placement of contracts by leading clothing brands and warehouses worldwide.