CAMTEX through your unit Continuing Education implements Training Programs and specialized Seminars based on the needs of the industry and the challenges it faces in the Global environment.

These training activities are consistent with the modernization shift given by the Industry since 2005, towards a vertically integrated industry, where professional and technical training of human talent is a prevailing need for the sustainability and competitiveness of the Sector.

Our main objective is the organization of training actions specialized in textiles and clothing that allow our companies to acquire the best tools in innovation and technology comparable to the best practices in the world environment.

Likewise, we serve professional training needs related to other areas of the industry in general.

The purpose of this unit is train successful technicians and professionals capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding clients.



Training Processes

Processes, productivity and Continuous Improvement.

  • Six Sigma Certifications.
  • Certification in Applied Physical Ergonomics.
  • Lean Manufacturing Program.
  • Total Productive Maintenance Program (TPM).
Customs Training

Customs, Imports, Exports.

  • Central American Uniform Customs Code and its main regulations.
  • Law of Free Zones.
  • Customs Nomenclature and rules of interpretation of the SAC.
Training interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills.

  • Transformational Leadership.
  • Leader development program.
  • Effectiveness at work.
Textile and clothing training

Specialized topics of the Textile and Clothing Industry.

  • Mechanics of textile and clothing machinery.
  • Training of Clothing Supervisors.
  • patronage
  • Textile trends.
  • Techniques areas of spinning, textile dyeing and other processes.
Training interpersonal skills


Warehouses and Inventories.


Access our training offer based on the needs of the industry and the challenges it faces in the Global environment.